Planet Zero Motorsports, LLC is a New York based Motorsports Company that focuses on innovative motorcycle equipment and apparel. The company was born out of the love for high speed racing motorcycles. The mission of PZM is to assure that everyone who participates in motorsports consistently wear the protective equipment needed to perform the sport and provide maximum protection for the rider. PZM wants to bend the line between equipment and stylish wear while raising awareness of the need to have top rated protection while riding a motorcycle. 

Kenya Smith  is the winner of the 2015 Designer of the Year Competition from FASHION AVE NEWS MAGAZINE. He is a featured emerging designer with NOLCHA Fashion week and a designer with SMALL BOUTIQUE FASHION WEEK. 






Monday-Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday-Sunday 10:30am - 9pm



 PZM OWNER- KENYA K SMITH in the Race-1 "won" Jacket

PZM OWNER- KENYA K SMITH in the Race-1 "won" Jacket